About Us

Ebedebiri Starch company is one of the largest processors of locally grown cassava in Nigeria/west Africa, and is registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). Our target is to find ways to bridge the gap in production and supply of starch (native and modified) products in Nigeria, our business is located at Ebedebiri community , Sagbama Local Government Area, Bayelsa State and We support an extensive number farmers through the direct purchase of their cassava tubers, out grower scheme, hence playing a very vital role in the development of the nation’s Agricultural sector.

Our Vision

Our mission is to become the largest import substitute cassava starch producer in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To become the preferred choice for high quality cassava starch as measured by customers and competitors while maintaining the highest level of good manufacturing process inline with ISO 22000 standard.

Our Capacity

At full capacity, we process 240 metric tons (MT) of cassava tubers daily And achieved 60 MT of food grade cassava starch It’s our goal to ensure the increase of our local content (cassava starch) in the nation’s manufacturing industry.

Our Product

We produce high quality cassava starch, meeting the standards required by the international organization for standardization (ISO), therefore replacing the quantity of imports of starch into the country. Our interested partners are the Pharmaceutical companies, Breweries, Papermill industry etc.

Our Core Values

Our values are critical to our success they are the strong foundation upon which Ebedebiri Starch Company Limited rest, they define who we are and set us apart from our competitors. They underlie our vision for the future, these values include.




High quality products

Performance excellence

Robust supply chain

Social responsibility

Our Impact

Our impact is based on respect for our people, cultures and our natural environment

Empowering farmers and creating job opportunities

Ebedebiri starch company has over the years contributed in creating jobs and in the success of thousands of farmers through various offtake channels and supporting system. We have been a consistent and reliable outlet for cassava farmers across Niger Delta thereby increasing their socio-economic development.

The development of Ebedebiri community in which we operate is key for us, that is why we have continuously  strengthened our relationship with the leaders and indigenes , 60 percent of our staff strength comes from our host community, we also play a role In alleviating hunger by providing jobs, very recently, in a bid to ensure that continuous development is upheld, we have provided a transformer that is ready to power the community .

Ebedebiri Starch Company limited shall endeavor to carry on its business in the form that will be socially responsible and economically viable to ensure its continued sustenance. To this end the company has established plans to be socially responsible to its immediate community and the general state at large.

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